Hello to you, the reader. Hello to the new year, I can’t believe it’s already a week in. This particular post is probably going to be very cliché, not unlike how I feel my life is going currently, so I apologize in advance if it seems that way to you. I have wanted to start blogging for awhile now, but I could never figure out what to blog about exactly. But the best way to start doing something is to just do it. So instead of sitting around any longer thinking about what put here I decided to just go for it. Hence the name Blank Space. Maybe I’ve been listening to too much T. Swift, but this is going to be space that will probably have a little of everything, so blank space as in a fresh canvas to create. Hmm maybe I’ll change the name later on… I’ve thought about doing a theatre related blog, as well, but maybe I’ll just do a Theatre Thursday feature or something. who knows. I also don’t know how often I’ll post at first. So please bear with me as I work out all the kinks to this blogging thing.

The thought that inspired me to finally write this post? 2014 brought on a lot of change. Some things I welcomed (new friends, a new attitude about school, a new sort-of-job, excelling at my current job) and some things I did not (my like-a-sister best friend getting a job in Europe, the end of my long term relationship that resulted in me loosing my other best friend, various situations that should have turned out differently than they did). Not that I haven’t experienced change in the past, but up until my high school gradation in 2012 my life was fairly consistent. It was after then that I experienced a multitude of huge life/plot twists. I won’t get into those just yet. Perhaps I’ll save them for later. The end of 2014, however, was when I finally learned to accept that change is inevitable and that it only hurts to fight it.

So I am welcoming 2015 with open arms. There are some moments that I’m dreading, but I need to remember that I have a lot of exciting things lined up (biggest of all? TRAVEL!) and I’m sure there will be other things I can’t even dream of that pop up along the way. Here’s to embracing change and staying positive.



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