Finally! A Plan!


Not me, but basically.

I have finally figured out how I want to structure this blog. It will definitely be lifestyle-like, but I think there will be a little something for everyone. I’ve decided to categorize what I write into days with corresponding hashtags. Say what you will, but I think it will help keep things organized and hashtags aren’t going anywhere.

Now, I will try to post for each tag every week, but as I’m sure you all understand, life can get in the way. So bear with me. I’m not perfect, no one is.

I don’t even know if anyone reads/follows this blog. It probably doesn’t help that I haven’t posted in weeks. Sorry about that, going back to school is always crazy. But this is my space to focus on my writing and my thoughts and my opinions. And while I hope that many people can find at least one thing to connect to in whatever I write, I hope that, to semi-quote Ugly Betty,** this blog will help at least one person.

So here is my current schedule of what I will post and when. I’m sure this will change in the future, but who knows! So feel free to take a look on the days that are of interest of you (But I hope you’ll check out other days, too!)

#MondayMusings – This is where I’ll post about anything not in the other categories, usually thoughts I have about something, probably always pretty personal

#TheatreThursday – Reviews of shows and my thoughts on the theatre world of today

#FitnessFriday – I’m transitioning from dancing almost every day to not really at all, so this is my journey of staying active, plus I’ll probably post recipes of food that is healthy but still tastes yummy! (I’m a picky eater so if I like, you’ll like it)

#StyleSaturday – I love doing nail art and I couldn’t come up with a better hashtag so this is how I’ll share it. Maybe I’ll throw in fashion/makeup/hair?? I’m not really any good at those but we’ll see.

I also really want to do #SundaySweets, but I don’t currently have an easily-accessible oven so that will have to wait for now.

And if you have any suggestions let me know! I’m posting for myself, but I also want you all to enjoy reading what I post!

I’ll be doing a lot of writing this weekend, so tune in next week for my firsts posts with this new system!!

**I tried to find the actual quote, but it’s not streaming on Netflix anymore and a Google search proved fruitless. If anyone knows it, please share!


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