I <3 Nail Art #StyleSaturday

I’ve always loved painting my nails and putting on make up and doing my hair. I am definitely a girly-girl when it comes to those kinds of things, and I love it!

I’ve been doing nail art since roughly the 9th grade, but I’m sure I was one creative nail polish painter in my early days. Unfortunately, most of my nail art pictures from early days are not on my current computer, so when I get the opportunity I’ll have to dig them up and do a Top Ten Throwback post or something.

Today I’ll share with you two of my most recent designs. Now I don’t always come up with my own ideas. Pinterest, Instagram, and a Google image search influence what I do a lot. I’ll usually change up the color or something, but I just want to say that I don’t take credit for any ideas (unless I explicitly say).

Negative space nail art is really big current trend and I’m really excited to play with it. I just got some nail stripe tape in, too, so I’m super psyched to see what I can create with that.

Anyways, for my first at negative space (or we could call it blank space…) I tried this look for when I went to the Grammys viewing party.

20150208_192040It was actually fairly simple to execute. I stacked up 10 pieces of masking tape and cut them into triangle shapes so that they would all the same size. In hindsight I wish I had cut them a little thinner so there was more nail polish on each nail.

Then after apply my base coat (Essie Ridge Filling Base coat) I stuck those suckers down. Like I pressed really hard to ensure the lines would be clean. And for the most part they wore. I only needed to do a little clean up with nail polish remover and a thin brush in the correct color.

So then I put on the colors! I used Essie’s Licorice and Cult Cosmetics Breakwater. And then I lifted the tape off and did the clean up.

For my top coat I used the highly praised Seche Vite for the first time. I’m not sure how I personally feel about it yet. Not loving that it cost me $10… and it chipped relatively soon. I had thought I had read that it didn’t chip easily. But I also didn’t reapply every few days. So we’ll see. I did like how shiny it made my nails. Someone even asked if it was gel nail polish. So that’s good.

I’ve also recently tried the water marble trend. I’ve done it twice now, but somehow forgot to take a picture of the second time I did it.


This is my first attempt. Not too bad for my first try. I don’t remember what colors I used except that there was a white (Essie something), and blue and a silver glittery color. I think it turned out pretty cool.

I used the vaseline trick and that was super helpful. It was also really cold the night I did it so the water wasn’t the most hospitable to the polish and I had to change it out a lot because it kept drying to quickly.

I then tried it a second time with just a maroon-y pink and blue-grey color. That looked even better. I really want to get the technique of swirling and dipping correctly down so I am definitely trying it again.

I realize that a lot of nail blogs post step by step pictures. Maybe that is something I will do to? We shall see. I have an exciting idea to try out for next weeks blog so stay tuned!

Photo Creds: Both by me


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