Striping Tape Take One #StyleSaturday

Finished Product

So as I mentioned last week, I recently purchased nail striping tape from Amazon. This week I used it for the first time. And…. I’m not super impressed. 😦 Hours after I put it on, many of them started peeling off. I’m really glad I took that picture right away, or I wouldn’t have any proof. I even redid some of the nails and the same thing happened. So I would love suggestions as to how to help them stick for more than a few hours.

I also think I need to get a tool like cuticle clippers to use to trim the ends to fit my nails perfectly. That may help. I was in CVS yesterday, though, and those things are expensive!! Some were close to $15! I may have to wait until I go home, I’m pretty sure I have a pair from an old manicure kit. FYI never use them to actually cut your cuticles! So bad for your nails!!

Anyways, for the nail design, I saw a similar version on one of the nail Instagram accounts I follow, @valleynyc. If you love nail art definitely follow them! I really want to go visit them and get something cool done by them, but a college girl’s gotta save money by doing her nails herself! Maybe when I’m rolling in the dough….

So this time I took step by step pictures this time!

Step One

First, I cleaned my nails and shaped them and everything and put on my Essie Ridge Filling base coat. Then I used a color striping tape that I got multiples of and probably wouldn’t use much anyway. I put it on my ring fingers because that’s where I wanted the negative space.

Step Two

Sorry it’s a little blurry…

Then I used Covergirl’s Give ‘Em the Greenlight and painted two coats on every nail. I waited just a few seconds before pulling off the striping tape and got pretty clean lines and….

Step Three

Again, apologies…

So then I put this coppery/rose gold color striping tape on the other 8 nails so it would line up with the negative space. I also outlined that space on my ring fingers. This can be seen in the first photo.

I sealed everything with that Seche Vite top coat and got better results polish wise this time. It didn’t really help with the tape no matter how many times I tried to “glue” down the edges. But second chances, people. 🙂

I love how it turned out, I just wish there was a way for them to consistently last longer. Otherwise I’d only be able to use the tape for special events and not just everyday which would be supper disappointing.

Yay Cheap Polish

What’s not disappointing is when I walked into CVS I saw this new nail polish brand pop-arazzi. Of course I’m attracted to new nail polish. I’m also attracted to their 2 for $5 price. CVS also had a deal where you buy 2 cosmetic items and get 1 free. So I got these 3 lovely colors (L-R Toes in the Sand, So Cheeky, I Want to Be Royale) for 5 bucks. That’s a deal for me! It was so hard to choose just three from the roughly 30 colors. I can’t wait to try them out and let you know how they hold up! Plus the bottles are super cute, no?!

Photo Creds: All me! (And I’m working on it…)


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