I’m Back!! #MondayMusings

Don’t worry, I didn’t disappear! I was just super busy with school and lining up some exciting opportunities for myself!

Classes are almost over and it finally feels like the start of summer. I am so excited to get back to blogging more consistently, and I have a lot to tell you all!

So what have I been up to besides classes and yoga-ing?

Well here is just a little bit of an insight of what I’ve been doing and what I’ll be blogging about in the next few weeks!

  • To start off: I joined a sorority! I never pictured myself being a sorority girl, but it is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’m excited to tell you why!
  • I’ve been getting some awesome positions for next semester (Health and Wellness Chair of my sorority and Editor in Chief/VP of my school’s Honors Council/Newsletter so far, hopefully more to come…)
  • I’ve seen some shows that I can’t wait to share with you
  • My best friend was back in town and it made me really think about the past 7 months and how far I’ve come
  • I started drinking (don’t worry, not a lot or frequently, but as someone who never got into that before, it sure is an interesting experience that I’d love to comment on.)
  • I got my itinerary for Rome!! (I’ve never been out of the country so that will be a fun blog to do! There will be three or four weeks where #TheatreThursday turns into #TravelingThursday !)
  • I learned how to snapchat! (Welcome to 2015 Liz…)
  • And lots more!

That’s just a little insight as I’m just coming down from a busy past months. The next couple weeks aren’t as bad so I can’t wait to post more!

Until next time!



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