The Importance of Not Being Hard On Yourself When You’re Busy #FitnessFridays

So as I’ve said multiple times now, the past two months have kept me super busy. From school work to going through a new member process to day-to-day challenges I had considerably less time for staying active than I did before. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for everything that kept me busy. I just found myself getting discouraged and mad at myself when I would choose to sleep in and skip running, or had to miss yoga because of a social engagement I couldn’t get out of.

As the weeks went on I realized that it wasn’t about the workouts I missed, but about the ones I did get in. So I could only get to yoga twice that week (instead of the eight classes I had been doing prior to March)? Well, each time I go to yoga I walk the almost mile to the studio and back again. Part of it is to save money on subway fares, but I also usually really enjoy my walks, and it adds in 2 miles of exercise.

Speaking of walking, NYC is for sure a walking city. Cabs and the subway are expensive, so if it’s within a mile or two and the weather isn’t bad out, then I will be walking there. (Two notes: I don’t walk far by myself late at night and I actually walked to yoga when the snow was really bad!). Anyways, all the walking around the city I do adds up. So maybe I didn’t run two miles, but if I walked that much or more than that’s perfectly fine.

I choose to celebrate the little things. Took the stairs to class instead of the elevator? Great! Got a wrap instead of pizza? Nice choice! It’s finally sunny out? Perfect for a walk along Hudson River Park (my fav place to be)!

If you’re hard on yourself when you miss a workout (or anything really), you’ll only feel worse. You are your biggest critic and if you can let the bad little things slide while focusing on the good little things, then you will find yourself much happier. Obviously, if you let everything slide, that’s a different problem, but now and then, especially when you’re so busy, it’s okay. Just smile and look forward to the next day’s workout. And maybe just walk a little more.


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