Looking Towards The Sun #FitnessFridays


My new goodies!

When I was planning my blog posts I titled this one with the idea that sun = summer. It’s my second full day at home and there has been no sun at all. Cloudy and overcast since I woke up.

This summer, I’m back home for the purposes of saving money and I had no real reason (re: job/internship) to stay in NYC. Highly disappointing, but I’m trying my hardest to look on the bright side of life!

Summer means more time for myself, and I plan on doing so immensely in the health and fitness world. Once I get back from Rome I have major plans for making my life healthier! (I also plan on running in Rome, probably not as much as once I get home, but gotta stay active! I wonder if they have good yoga studios in Rome…)

I didn’t reach my goals that I set in the middle of the semester. While I’m a little disappointed, I’m not being hard on myself about because I accomplished so many other things. So this summer I want to be able to run a 5K (or more) and I just want to further my yoga practice (and hopefully get a handstand/headstand/forearm stand). I know it takes some yogis more than a year to master those kind of moves so I’m not putting too much pressure on myself.

I plan on holding a job or two (or three) to help save up money, so most likely my only chance to run will be in the morning. 1. It’s cooler (temp wise) and 2. It’ll put me in a routine, and I like routine. I think I’m committed to going to bed early/getting up early. I don’t have much else to do here, so I think it’s possible for me. Especially if I give myself one or two “fun” nights when I’m out with one of two of my friends who are home, or anyone from my dance family. I think it’s all manageable. I also bought an arm band and some Yurbuds (Inspire 400 – thanks CHAARG girls for the recommendations!) and new accessories always make things more exciting!!

I also eventually want to find a running store here in the ROC and get fitted for running shoes. But I’ll have to recover financially from Rome before I do that!

As far as yoga goes, I’m having trouble locating a good studio here in Fairport/Rochester that offers non-hot yoga. While hot yoga is good, I prefer a non-heated room for most of my classes because I do take it so frequently. For me, hot yoga is a once in a while supplement to my practice. But we’ll see, beggars can’t be choosers.

I also am really excited to have a kitchen complete with the works regarding ingredients and machinery. I can’t wait to test out the dozens of healthy recipes I’ve been saving, and giving my favorite non-healthy ones better-for-you counterparts.

I also want to take probably the last two weeks of June and cut sugar out of my diet. I’ve become far too addicted to it, and while I still plan on enjoying it after, I just want to detox a bit and be able to not need it anymore.

Summer is all about relaxing and being care free and I definitely plan on creating a stress free workout routine for myself that I will hopefully be able to carry into the coming semester.


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